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1. There is no cost to register a members' account at the link above to have access to the FREE Eye Drops Christian image files.

2. When you first register you will be sent an automatically generated email with your User ID and password.
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3. Return to this page and enter the User ID and Password to access the members' area.

4. From the members screen you will be able to select FREE downloads.

5. To receive immediate download access to Eye Drops graphic volumes buy using PayPal.

6. If you purchase Eye Drops graphic volumes direct from our store, it may take 4-16 hours for us
to receive payment notification and add the purchased downloads to your member's account.

7. Each purchased graphic file can be downloaded 4 times but only one file at at time.

8. Macintosh users will need a program like Stuffit Expander to uncompress the self-extracting .exe files.  

Multimedia Interface Pty Ltd

This is a non-exclusive, non-transferrable licence agreement between you and Multimedia Interface Pty Ltd. The images, printed material and other files contained on this website or packaged with EyeDrops (collectively called the "Images”) are proprietary and copyrighted. This copyright is protected under Australian and International copyright law. Multimedia Interface Pty Ltd owns and reserves all rights, except for those specifically granted by the licence agreement below.

Please read this agreement carefully before using the product. If you choose not to accept this agreement, you must return the product unused.
By using any part of the Images, you are agreeing to the following terms:

1. If purchased by a local church, group or institution, the Images may only be used by and for that one licensed entity. The images may be copied on up to 5 computers at any one time, including home computers used for preparation of material for that licensee.

2. If purchased by an individual, the Images may be used for that licensee’s ministry at any location. It is also permitted for the images to be copied to another computer used for preparation of material by that licensee.

3. The Images are not licensed for any commercial use. They may be used, altered, or incorporated according to the guidelines described herein into any presentation that is created by the licensee provided that work is not then sold or distributed as either a single background or effect or as part of any image library, set, or product.

4. The images are optimised for display through a data projector and are not suitable for printed material and may not be used for this purpose.

5. The Images are designed to facilitate Christian worship, celebration and teaching and may only be used in this context. They may not be used in a blasphemous, heretical, defamatory, scandalous, illegal, misleading, or otherwise unlawful manner and may not be used in or in conjunction with pornographic material.

6. The Images may not be transferred to third parties by any means whatsoever including, but not limited to, email, sale, sublicence or loan.

7. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Multimedia Interface Pty Ltd and its directors, officers, employees, photographers, cameramen and agents ("Those Indemnified") for any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred directly or indirectly by Those Indemnified in connection with the use of the Images for any unlawful, unauthorized or prohibited purpose.