EasyWorship Licences (updated 20/4/2008)

Licence Renewal fees

There are no renewal fees for EasyWorship.


Licence Types

When someone buys EasyWorship, they can choose to use it under either the Site Licence or the Roaming License, but not both.

Site Licence

A Site Licence is primarily designed to be used in a local church. A site license comes standard with every copy of EasyWorship, allowing you to install and concurrently use it on any number of computers that benefit a single church or organization. While we realize most churches are contained within one geographical location, it is more and more common for churches to host youth, singles or childrenís facilities away from their main campus. Keep reading to find out how your site license works under these circumstances.

Roaming Licence

A Roaming Licence is primarily designed for a ministry where EasyWorship will be used in one or more locations on one or more laptops. This license is best for traveling speakers and musicians. A roaming license can be substituted for your site license, allowing you to install EasyWorship to a laptop for non-concurrent use at any number of separate locations. The roaming license acts as a traveling site license, covering any number of computers that are being used by the traveling ministry to benefit a single church at a time, assuming that the traveling ministry does not load EasyWorship to any of the local church computers at which it ministers. When a second laptop is required for EasyWorship to be used in different locations, an additional license must be purchased. The Roaming License can only be applied to one laptop since it could potentially project at dozens of different locations within a year. As long as only one laptop is used, it can operate under a single Roaming License regardless of the user. If each user wants to have his or her own laptop and copy of EasyWorship for travel and display, then separate licenses are required.


Site License Doís


Site License Doníts:

Roaming License Doís