EasyWorship: software facilitating distraction-free worship:

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Using EasyWorship Software

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Video 1: EasyWorship Demonstration (wmv) part 1 (7 minutes)
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EasyWorship Demonstration (wmv) part 2 (7 minutes)

1. Songs/Hymns:
Using EasyWorship, selecting the songs for a service takes no longer than scrolling the title list and adding it to the schedule - the play list. Simply drag the name of any song into the schedule and it is ready immediately to use.

Once songs are in the schedule they can be arranged in their presentation order, along with announcement and message slides, Scripture readings, DVD and video segments, and sermon PowerPoint presentations.

When a song is selected, EasyWorship shows the operator all the song verses, choruses and bridges allowing each to be sent to the audience screen in any order. The operator can select a still image, a motion graphic or a live video feed to show as a background behind a song.

New songs can be typed in, copied in or imported from CCLI's song database of over 90,000 worship songs in SongSelect.

2. PowerPoint
EasyWorship will run PowerPoint presentations from within its schedule play list to show sermon and message slides.

3. Still Backgrounds:
EasyWorship software comes with a startup library of background images. New images are easily added from Eye Drops and other providers to the image content library.

4. Motion Backgrounds:
EasyWorship software is supplied with 21 video backgrounds to show behind the text overlay.

Sample video loop

5. Scripture Translations at your fingertips
EasyWorship provides instant access to verses and multiple translations.
Some translations attract a small fee. (NIV, Amplified, The Message etc)

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What the computer operator sees on the computer screen
What the congregation see on the projection Screen
  • With song software it only takes seconds to move selected songs from the library to the song play list for instant display
  • All song verses, choruses and bridges can be displayed in any order or repeated
  • New songs are easily added to the song library by copying, typing or they can be downloaded from a song service provider
  • Operators need minimal training to run a presentation
  • The operator uses a control panel screen showing the song list with all the available songs, verses, backgrounds, Scripture, DVD & video feeds. The congregation only view what the operator wants them to see displayed the audience screen.
  • Graphic images can be displayed from the schedule or behind songs
  • Motion graphics can be shown behind a song. eg waves breaking on shore, wheat blowing in the wind, waterfall, rainforest, sunset, waves
  • DVD's in the computer DVD drive will play from within EasyWorship's schedule
  • PowerPoint will play from within EasyWorship
  • Scrolling onscreen messages are supported
  • Live camera feed available with appropriate computer card
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Instantly locate and display Scripture verses
  • Record and print CCLI list of songs used
  • EasyWorship comes with an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee
  • 117 static backgrounds
  • 21 video loop backgrounds
  • 223 public domain hymns and songs
  • 100+ Great Worship Songs
  • Competitive Upgrades available from: SundayPlus, MediaShout, Presenter 3 and others - see Order Form for details.

EasyWorship System requirements

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EasyWorship song conversion utility: add .txt files and other song formats to EasyWorship's song library. ezConvert2.exe
EasyWorship 2009
Eye Drops graphics work particularly well with EasyWorship 2009, providing EasyWorship with a huge library of static images for backgrounds and motion backgrounds.

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EasyWorship song conversion utility: Information and download