Remote Control for EasyWorship

The majority of remote controls are designed specially for PowerPoint and only provide one set of keys to replicate the Page Up and Page Down keys needed in PowerPoint to progress through animations and slides.

EasyWorship requires two sets of keys:
One set to switch to the next or previous event ( eg next song, next DVD, next Scripture)
- A second set of keys to switch between elements of an event (eg next/previous song verse or next/previous slide or animation in PowerPoint).

The below remotes are recommended by EasyWorship in the USA on their website to use with their software.

VP4910 - Jade Remote
VP4300 - RemotePoint Presenter special edition
VP4450 - Emerald Remote

The Emerald , Jade and RemotePoint Presenter special edition are full programmable.
The Remote Global presenter is not and must be configured via the .ini file..

The RF Presentation Remote Pro below also provide the keys needed for EasyWorship and has been tested and is used by us with EW 2007 and EW 2009 .

The RF Presentation Remote Pro works by wireless and does not need to be pointed at the computer to operate. Range: 30+ metres (100ft)


Presentation Remote Pro

The Perfect Tool for Pastors and Teachers!

The Presentation Remote Pro frees you from your keyboard during worship and sermons.

With RF, laser, mouse and audio controls in one sleek remote, it is an ideal tool for presenters. Offering a range of more than 100 feet, the Presentation Remote Pro easily covers large worship venues and church halls.

There is no software to install -- just plug the receiver into the USB port on your PC and it works within seconds.

RF Connectivity: The powerful 2.4 Ghz RF signal has a range of 100 feet and works through walls and furniture.

Mouse Control: Provides cursor control, scrolling and two-button mouse capabilities.
Laser Pointer: Highlight key points in your presentation with ease. Volume Control: Adjust sound volume with the push of a button.
Receiver: RF receiver stores in the remote when not in use. Pop in and out with a simple push of your fi nger.
On/Off Switch: Ensures that batteries are not accidentally run down when carrying the Presenter in a laptop bag.
AAA batteries: Provide long life and are easy to purchase when replacement batteries are needed.
PowerPoint next and previous slide: In EasyWorship, the side thumb rocker switch is conveniently placed for slide advancement.
USB Connector: The USB connector conveiently stores in the remote control when not being used.

Requirements: At least one available USB port; Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista

For EasyWorshio 2007

A simple change to EasyWorship 2007's hotkey.ini file will allow this remote to:

  1. Move verse by verse through a song using the right side thumb rocker switch: down - next verse, up - previous verse
  2. Advance through a PowerPoint presentation activating animations/transitions: down - next animation or slide, up - previous animation or slide
  3. Move up or down through the schedule using the remote's left and right arrow keys
  4. Go Live with the left mouse button while the cursor pointer is over the Control Screen's GoLive button
  5. Clear the screen of song text with the F5 key
  6. Blank the screen with the button next to it

The changes for EasyWorship 2007: (You can download the file from here or edit your own file.)

1. Before you start EasyWorship, in windows explorer browse to the following path.

Windows 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Softouch\EasyWorship\Settings\hotkeys.ini

Windows Vista: C:\Program Data\Softouch\EasyWorship\Settings\hotkeys.ini

( If you can't find the folder, make sure you have the option to view hidden folders turned on. In Control panel open folder options. Click on the View tab. Select the option to "Show hidden files and folders")

2. Double Click the HotKeys.ini file to open it. It will open in notepad allowing you to make changes.

3. Make the following changes (shown in bold) to match the function keys of the Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro to EasyWorship.

Next Slide SlideNextKeys= 78, 40, 32, 34
Previous Slide SlidePrevKeys=80, 38, 8, 33
GoLive -clear function GoLiveNextKeys= 0
GoLive -clear function GoLivePrevKeys= 0
Black Screen BlackScreenKeys= C-66, 66
Clear Screen ClearScreenKeys= C-67, 116
GoToBridge -clear function JumpBridgeKeys= 0

4. After making changes, Click File then Save.
5. Close the window.

6. Start EasyWorship 2007 with the Remote control's USB adaptor connected to a free USB port

Test the remote to become familure with the keys.

If for any reason you need to reset the key codes to their original settings, they are:

Next Slide SlideNextKeys= 78, 40, 32
Previous Slide SlidePrevKeys=80, 38, 8
GoLive GoLiveNextKeys= 34
GoLive GoLivePrevKeys= 33
Black Screen BlackScreenKeys= C-66
Clear Screen ClearScreenKeys= C-67
GoToBridge JumpBridgeKeys= 66


For EasyWorship 2009

The following link provide more information about setting up remote controllers